Rush Poker – Advantages

The Rush Poker game play is very similar to multi-tabling where players attempt various tables simultaneously. Those who enjoy playing many tables at the same time will enjoy this version immensely. The software instantly seats you at a table where a new hand is to be dealt, if you want to fold at the present table and move on to another all you have to do is press the Quickfold button.

The long wait for your turn has just been snipped off, so no more waiting, just play, play and play as much as you can. Skilled players, who can analyse their opponents moves well, can build a good bankroll with Rush Poker.

This is due to the fact that several hundred hands are played per hour and if you were to use the eight table multi-tabling facility, you could be indulging in over thousand hands per hour.

Rush Poker – Disadvantages

Rush Poker is more suitable for skilled players who can make sensible decisions at the fraction of a second, as the games here move very fast. Slow or new players will find it hard to keep up with this supersonic speed. You can stand to lose a lot of money if you simply gamble here, as most players are likely to fold unless they have rewarding hole cards, in which case it stands to be a game of odds.

Data mining or keeping tab of your opponents strategies and statistics is impossible at Rush Poker, as the games move so fast that you can only rely on your decisions to make potential wins. All said, Rush Poker is still an intriguing format and is going to continue making waves, as it is doing now.

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